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Proposed document on back ground, structure of the StB-SA Working Group its sub-groups, objectives, responsibilities, and flow of communication. 

IATA has taken industry worldwide initiatives to implement several
StB projects:

  1. E-Ticketing: End of 2007
  2. CUSS: 15 Airports by end of 2006
  3. BCBP: All airlines to be capable by end of 2008 with 100% usage by  2010
  4. RFID: IATA is working to develop a deadline
  5. E-Freight: Pilot by  2007 and 100% by 2010

Those industry initiatives and target dates were agreed in coordination with member airlines and approval of the board of members through its different AGM meetings over the last two years. Some of those projects were given deadlines to be implemented giving high priority to E-Ticketing and CUSS. IATA local office in SA, in cooperation with GACA, SV, and BARSA, held several presentations for GACA, SV, and the BARSA by the IATA StB MENA regional coordinator during May 2006, whereby a local StB – SA WG was formulated constituting of selected member airlines  of the BARSA, AOC chairmen’s, GACA, IATA, and SV Facilitation coordinator, headed by the Secretary General of BARSA. Two meetings were held by the StB-SA WG in Jun and Jul 2006 where different topics related to StB projects discussed with emphasis on the role and objectives set as follows:

The Objectives of the StB –SA WG:

  1. Create awareness of the IATA StB Project in KSA to all parties concerned.
  2. Facilitate implementation of the IATA StB Project in KSA major airports (KKIA/KAIA/KFIA/PMIA) with the cooperation of the concerned parties and agencies with special priority for E ticketing.
  3. To be the Focal Point for all airlines for the StB Project in KSA.
  4. Identify the status, readiness and needs of individual airlines for StB Project in KSA.
  5. To benchmark the StB experience worldwide through study-visits to pioneer airports.


  1. Dr Ayed Al-amri : SV General Manager Bilateral & Commercial Agreements and Secreteray General of the BARSA and Chairman of the StB-SA WG
  2. Mr M.Barig  A.Siraj :Vice president for GACA IT Director
  3. Mr Naser Assati: IATA Country Manager SA
  4. Mr Tarik Bamakrid :GACA Manager Travrl Agency
  5. Mr Shadi Sameer Arafah ;GACA office Automation & PC Applications Manager
  6. Mr Ahmed Hantoush ;GACA Asst Manager Bilateral Air Transport Agreemnts
  7. Members of the BARSA ;Mr Abdul Aziz  Mangera (LH/LX),Mr Mohammad Asghar (FG),Mr Hussan Alrahman(MS)
  8. Mr Salem Al-Faidi :SV Chief Cargo Services Support and e- Freight Representatives
  9. AOC Chairmen’s in the main airports (JED), (RUH), and (DMM)
  10. Mr Mohammed Alsayegh SV Manager Air Transport Indstry & IArab Affairs
  11. Mr Khalid Badawi:IATA Cargo Manager SA
  12. Mr Ahmed Alghamdi SV Sr Spclst Sys Apt Auto Dev and SV StB Coordinator
  13. Mr Fahad Alsabhani SV Sr Spclst Bil & Comml Agreement and BARSA Assistant Secretary
  14. National Facilitation Committee “NFC”
  15. Dr Abdulah Alghamdi :National Information Center “NIC” of Ministry of I interior
  16. StB in the main airports Coordinators

The General Secretary of BARSA,Chairman, of the StB-SA WG shall be responsible of the overall internal and external communication activities with all members, stakeholders, including heads of the government agencies as and when needed, call for quarterly meetings , production of minutes, and follow on action items with members of the WG and Sub-WGs.
AOC and BAR members to identify needs and coordinate with StB-SA WG for the success of the implementation of the StB projects IATA role shall continue to facilitate for the success of the implementation through available programs and resources and coordinate to help in setting local implementation plans and relevant IATA StB Campaigns activities
GACA role to facilitate and support of communications with concerned GACA departments / Airport directors, on the StB-SA WG results for implementation of necessary tools and systems depending on members needs, including coordination of facilitation issues in coordination with concerned government bodies and amending current procedures according to newly introduced applications, taking into consideration IATA/ICAO standards.
The StB-SA WG shall take responsibility of coordination and monitoring the local StB-Sup WG through the individual WG Chairman’s and observe the IATA StB campaigns through the process and development of those projects. 
The NIC role shall be essential to facilitate for interface of the airport systems with the immigration systems on passenger side.

StB Regional Sub-WG
Structure/ Reporting:

Following members shall be considered the key representatives coordination teams in the main airports (KKIA, KAIA, KFIA, and PMIA) as top priority at this stage. Other sub-WGs for remaining domestic airports may be constituted as the projects progress:

  1. Airports Director ( Chairman of the WG )
  2. AOC Chairmen
  3. GHA/s
  6. GACA IT Airport Representatives
  7. Local Airport facilitation committee (i.e Customs, Immigration, Security)
  8. New Airline home base airlines (RUH & DMM)

The main airport directors are assigned as Chairmen’s of the StB-SA Sup-WGs and will be responsible of coordination of meetings and communications with the Chairman of the StB-SA main WG on all activities related to the implementation of the StB projects in their individual airports, including but not limited to the communication necessary with the local facilitation teams and Government bodies in each airport. Of course this structure is aimed to help facilitation rather than causing any interruption of their regular functional reporting within GACA in relation to implementation of those projects.  
They are responsible to conduct a minimum of one meeting quarterly, or more frequently as they deem necessary. Those meetings to be carried between the StB-SA main WG quarterly meetings with the following Objectives:

  1. Identify and diagnosis of each airport individual structure in relation to the individual StB project
  2. Coordinate needs of operating airlines for the individual airlines with the StB-SA main WG and relevant bodies within GACA and other Government bodies or GHAs.
  3. Carry the responsibility of project planning for the main initiatives and implementation of each one in coordination with StB-SA main WG and relevant stakeholders i.e. airlines, GACA and other Government bodies as and when agreed