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The board currently headed by Mr. Essam Maimani, The Chief Commercial Officer in (Saudia).
Chairman Duties:

  • Lay down the plans, objectives and programs and follow up the executive steps and all required contacts on different levels to facilitate the obstacles might face any of the members.

  • Manage and preside the meetings and coordinate the differences in stand of points.

  • Attend all the ordinary meetings and the annual meeting of (Haj) attends by the competent authorities, also the extra ordinary meetings and follow up the proposals of members and reflect the same to the governmental agencies.

  • Represent the board before the governmental agencies.

  • Appoint the secretary general and his assistant after discussion with the members and supervise their works and approve the minutes and recommendations submitted to him by the secretary general.

  • Taking all required procedures related to the financial matters affiliated with the reimbursement and income.

Mr. Essam Maimani


BARSA vice president

Will assist the president normally and act as president in his absence or by delegation.

Mr Homoud Alnoumani
GM Oman Air in KSA


Board Secretary General

Duties of the Secretary General:

  • Receive the membership application forms and submit to the chairman.

  • Supervise the meetings schedules.

  • Coordination and correspondences among the members and other competent agencies.

  • Supervise the minutes of each meeting and send copies to the members.

  • Supervise the meeting hall and make the required preparation for the meetings.

  • Keep the records of the board and organize the archive.

  • Select and appoint the representatives of the coordination office related to King Abdul Aziz International Airport- Jeddah to work during (Haj) season.

Mr Fahad Alsubhani
Saudia Airlines



The treasury of the board shall be appointed among the members of the board, He shall remain in this post for two successive renewal years.
Treasury Duties:

  • Receive the membership applications after approval by the chairman and list the new member in the list of members.

  • Open a current bank account in the name of the board to deposit the annual membership fees.

  • Collect the due membership fees from the members.

  • Review the expenses and approve the same and pay the dues of the board.

  • Prepare the annual balance sheet of the board.