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Members department

Membership procedures:

  1. The board member in case of non ability to attend any of the board meetings due to his absence, or for whatsoever reason, have the choice to delegate his proxy in writing showing the reason of absence, provided that the proxy should be of acceptable standard of achievement.

  2. If the member absent for thee successive meetings, the chairman shall have the right to notify the office of that absent member requested for the reason of absence.

  3. If the member retired or transferred from his post shall notify the chairman or the secretary of such changes and introduce his substitution.

  4. All members are requested to abide with the resolutions approved by the board.

Membership rules and regulations:
The membership divided into two categories:

  1. Any airline company shall have the right to operate regular international trips and sell its services inside Saudi Arabia directly through its offices or indirectly through agencies or general sale agents and to enter as a full member in the board having all the membership privileges such as voting and others.

  2. The airline companies operate seasonal trips from and to Saudi Arabia shall have a non full membership in the board.

Membership fees:
The membership fees shall be paid by the followings:

  1. The airline company having the full membership shall pay 100% of the agreed fees annually.

  2. The airline companies of the second category (non full membership) shall pay 50% of the agreed fees annually.

  3. The membership fees shall become due automatically on the first day of January each year for the first category, as for the members of the second category who don't have a permanent representation in Saudi Arabia shall pay the membership fees at time of signing the agreement of carrying the pilgrims with (Saudia).

Voting regulations:

  1. Any member in the board shall have one vote.

  2. The resolutions of the board shall be considered as valid if adopted by the majority of the attended members.

  3. The chairman shall have the right to make the voting in secret whenever he finds it necessary or according to the desire of the majority of the attended members.

  4. In case of equivalent votes the chairman shall have a preference vote.

  5. Members who fully paid the membership fees shall have only the right to participate in voting.

Legal Quorum:
The legal quorum for each meeting shall be 50% +1 of the total number of the members.