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  • First meeting
    This is the annual general meeting take place during September and October to assess the activities of the board ( the submitted reports of the secretary general, treasury, the three subsidiary committees) and to put the working plan and the new year plan.


  • Second meeting
    This is the (Haj) meeting attended by all representatives of the competent governmental agencies, to be held during (Shawal) annually, and all the governmental procedures shall be discussed for the new (Haj) season.


  • Third meeting
    Shall be held during the first quarter of the calendar year to discuss the matters related to the seasons of (Omra) and the studying vacations, fees and any other matters and this meeting shall be held in Riyadh or Dhahran.


  • Fourth meeting
    Shall be held at the end of the fourth quarter of the calendar year and the joint commercial matters shall be discussed. At the end of this meeting a reception party shall be arranged and the in charges of the civil aviation, representatives of the competent governmental agencies in King Abdul Aziz International Airport- Jeddah and all the (AOC) of the Kingdom airports shall be invited for that party.