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Overview and Historical Background:

The idea of establishing the Board of Airlines Representatives in Saudi Arabia, first emanated  from the pressing need to promote the principles of cooperation between airlines operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, particularly to/from Dhahran International Airport, with the objective of holding periodical meetings aimed at discussing the requirements of the airlines and the problems and obstacles they face during operation and seek solutions for them, in coordination with concerned government authorities and agencies. The idea developed gradually till most of airlines operating to Dhahran airports became members of the Board.

With the vast and steady economic development witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the volume of traffic to Jeddah and Dhahran increased, and BARSA members decided to make a recommendation to Saudi Arabian Airline, the national carrier, expressing their desire to hold similar meetings for airlines operating at Jeddah international airport. The Board of Directors of Saudi Airlines, in its session held on 19/3/1390H corresponding to 25/5/1970G, approved the request to hold meetings for airlines representatives in Jeddah, in line with the meetings that were held at Dhahran airport. Accordingly, periodical BARSA meetings continued to be held both at Dhahran and Jeddah, which produced fruitful results through overcoming various obstacles and difficulties faced by airlines, and promoting cooperation between airlines and various related governmental agencies.

The members of the Board elect the Boardís Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary General and his assistant, Treasurer. Only member airlines are entitled to vote for the election. The Boardís Chairman and the Secretary General should be from Saudi Airlines, having extensive experience in airline industry. Saudi Airlines, being the national carrier, exercises supervision on the Board and works to serve its goals and objectives.

Presently, the Board management is comprised of the following:

     Mr. Essam Almaimani, AVP Sales ,Saudia: BARSA Chairman

     Mr. Muhammad AlDhahi, General Manager KSA Area, Oman Air: Vice Chairman

     Mr. Fahad Alsabhani: Sr. Specialist, Marketing Planning: Secretary General.

     Treasurer: Vacant


BARSA Secretariat:

BARSA Secretariat is responsible for undertaking the following duties and responsibilities of the Board:

         Receiving membership application forms and submitting them to the Chairman of the Board for approval.

         Coordinating between BARSA members and related governmental agencies.

         Sending invitations to members to attend the meetings, and preparing meeting agenda.

         Preparing minutes for each meeting and circulating to all members. 

         Arranging the meeting hall, and undertaking prior preparations for the meeting.

         Maintaining the records of the Board and arranging the archive.

The Board holds its meetings in Jeddah, or any other city in KSA, three times a year. Additionally, an annual meeting for the Hajj season is held under the patronage of Saudiaís Director General, which is attended by all concerned governmental agencies concerned with Hajj operation.

It is worth mentioning that the Board has held, up till now, two hundred and sixty sessions, that have tremendously contributed to the success of Hajj operations and eliminating recurrent problems and obstacles faced.


Membership Regulation and Fees:

Each member airlines operating in the Kingdom should pay annual membership fees amounting to SR 3,000. All international carries having an official representative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and applying the fares and rates approved by the Government, are eligible for membership of the Board. Each members shall have the right assign a representative who should be at the management level only, and who shall participate in taking decisions and voting on behalf of the company he represents. Nominations of representatives should be notified to the Boardís Chairman well before the date of meeting.

In case a memberís representative retires or is transferred to any other location, the Boardís Chairman or Secretariat should be notified and his successor presented at the same time.

Voting Regulation:

Each member shall have one vote. In case unanimous  voting is not obtained, both affirmative and negative votes should recorded in the minutes. In case numerous members abstain from voting, the Chairman of the Board may adopt secret voting. A simple majority of 50%+1 of votes (including proxies)shall be considered an approval to the resolution. 

While binding resolutions require a unanimous voting, resolutions approved by majority are considered as recommendations that are not binding to members.


Duties and Responsibilities of BASA Committees:

Facilities Committee:

a. Secure necessary facilities to ensure smooth operation for member airlines at all airports of the Kingdom. Receive reports from AOCís at the airports of the Kingdom (Jeddah-Riyadh-Dammam) and work to find solutions to the difficulties faced.

b. Paying special attention to the activities related to Hajj and Umrah operation. 

Simplifying the Business Teamwork (StB)at KSA Airports:

The Board supervises the implementation of StB projects (Electronic Tickets, CUSS, RFID, E-Freight)in coordination with IATA and GACA.


Hajj and Umrah Committee:

This is sub-committee is comprised of member airlines and headed by G.M. Egypt Air. Itís objective is to discuss airlines commercial issues related to Hajj operation, and representing the Board in the meeting with other parties such as KIA management, Bin Laden Group responsible for airport development,  and governmental agencies concerned with Hajj and Umrah.


GACA Committee:

This is a sub-committee comprised of members airlines and headed by Mr.Ayman Umair, Vice Chairman and G.M. of MEA. The objective of the Committee is to coordinate all issues related to GACA, particularly operational problems and duplication of circulars issued by GACA and various governmental agencies, and also to discuss airlines commercial issues such as GACA fees and rentals.


Social Committee:

This Committee is responsible for making the necessary arrangements to enhance effective interaction and social activities, through making symposiums, training activities, as well as arranging reception and farewell parties for members. A final party is usually made on the same day of the final annual meeting to bid farewell to members leaving the Kingdom, where token gifts are presented to them on behalf of the Board members. New members are also welcomed in the party. Representatives from GACA and concerned governments agencies are invited to attend the party.

Members of the Board voted for the decision to hold a meeting outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with members of other boards of airlines representatives, with the aim of exchanging ideas and finding solutions to the common problems, in order to enhance the  spirit of cooperation and teamwork. Members will also visit the airports and advanced facilities of some countries.


Most Important Achievements of the Board:

-   Reducing the commission of travel agents, which used to be 9% in the past.

-   Imposing now-show fees.

-   Restricting fictitious booking made by travel agents.

-   Reducing SITA operating cost at King Fahd International Airport in Dammam.

-   Implementing the StB program at KFIA in Dammam, and working to implement it at KKIA in Riyadh, and KAIA in Jeddah.

-   Participating in the development and renovation of Hajj terminal and KAIA in Jeddah.

-   Participating in the Saudization program for airlines and travel agencies.  

-   Holding an annual meeting for Board members which is attended by concerned government agencies to discuss Hajj instructions and explain various its aspects. This meeting has greatly contributed to the success of Hajj operations and helped overcoming problems and difficulties encountered by airlines in the past.