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Background of the board activities in Saudi Arabia:
When the necessity found to develop the cooperation basis among the various airlines companies, operates in Saudi Arabia, and precisely that working from and to Dhahran International Airport, the idea of establishment a board for the representatives of the companies has found. Same as in other developed countries in order to held annual meetings to study the requirements of these companies, and discuss the various obstacles and problems might face the operation and to find the suitable solutions in co ordination with other competent governmental agencies. This idea has developed rapidly and now we have this board comprises most of the companies using Dhahran International Airport.
When the air travel started to spread out in Saudi Arabia, the passengers movement developed, therefore the movement from and to Jeddah and Dhahran increased as well, as such the board members of Dhahran recommended to Saudi Airlines, in its capacity as the national carrier to have similar meetings in Jeddah in order to have the same benefit, and to includes other companies having trips to Jeddah Airport and enable them to join this board. As a consequent the Saudi Airlines approved on 25/5/1970 to held a meeting in Jeddah as an extension for the meetings of Dhahran, later on successive meetings held in both Dhahran and Jeddah and fruitful results obtained to facilitate the obstacles and problems face the airlines operating in Saudi Arabia, beside the deep linkage between the governmental sectors and the board. 

Board Achievements:
This board have fundamental roles during the past years, and participated in reducing many obstacles, beside its role in facilitate the procedures of pilgrimage in particular. Also to exchange ideas and utilize the practical experience of the board members and that of the governmental agencies representatives operates in the international airports of the Saudi Arabia, that lead to enhance the approach of the public service which the country emphasizes on in order to have an easy air traveling for all passengers from and to Saudi Arabia, especially for the pilgrimage. By presiding the board, Saudi Airline plays an important role in encouraging other airlines companies to upgrade their quality services up to the desired standard requested by the Saudi government, therefore the positive response of the airline companies reflects such coordination, and that couldn't achieved without the cooperation of the governmental agencies.

The board participated actively in the marketing and operating policies that assist in the development of the air travel in Saudi Arabia.

Board Objectives:

  1. General Objectives
    These objectives considers as an extension to the objectives of the state and an achievement to these issues in the season of Pilgrimage and Omra, whereas the airline companies in the Kingdom receives instructions from the government aims to facilitate the arrival and departure of the guests of Saudi Arabia, therefore, the concentration on the board meetings attends by the representatives of the governmental agencies related to the pilgrimage, beside the members of the board exceeds than fifty airline companies shall be as follows:

    1. Deepen the spirit of solidarity and cooperation between all the airline companies operating from and to Saudi Arabia directly, and the different government agencies having a direct relation with the airline traffic during pilgrimage season.

    2. Award the opportunity to the representative of the government agencies to remind the representative of the airline companies as a carrier of the pilgrims, of the renewed governmental rules and instructions in the meeting held prior to the pilgrimage season annually. Also to explain each and every point might seem difficult in order to award the quality service and avoid all delay.

    3. Award the opportunity to the representative of the airline companies to review the comments of the government agencies in regard the situation of the pilgrimage season at the meeting held at the end of the season annually, and assess the situation beside having their comments and try to cover all the shortage occurred in order to avoid the same in the future.

  2. Special Objectives
    these are the objectives related to the airline companies that can be achieved through out the annual ordinary meetings, which abbreviated as follows:

    1. Exchange the international, regional information among the members and review the new trends related to the passengers, transportation of goods, method of operation between the international airports.

    2. Discuss the implemented procedures among the countries of the same interests and review the new procedures in order to reach the unique implementation of such procedures and make the airline transportation more safe with less problems and hindrances and reach to a joint recommendations given to the competent governmental agencies to be reviewed by the secretary of the board.

    3. Participate and contribute in all matters create the benefit to the airline companies and enhance the cooperation among them in order to generate benefits to the public through out the quality services to the passengers. And ensure the sufficient spaces for the unloading, handling, storing the goods, in order to meet the exceeds airline traffic and avoid the delay.

    4. Ensure the improvement of the fund return to the airline companies the members of the board through the commitment of the agreed rate and take the suitable procedures to quash all the illegal practices from the market in Saudi Arabia.

    Whereas the Saudi Airline is the national carrier, therefore the trust of the board members have given to (Saudia) to serve and enhance the objectives of the board, and a chairman, secretary general, assistant and employees have been appointed, beside the members of the board who are working in King Abdul Aziz International Airport during the pilgrimage season all from (Saudia), while the deputy chairman, treasure, members of the two subsidiary committees they elects by the members once each two years.